Marathon training

I guess that as the Chevron CityToSurf Marathon gets closer, I need to dig into my bag of resources to justify what shape I am for running the marathon.

Just reading a post from LIVESTRONG:


Myth 4: The Great Wall

Just as shorter-distance competitors hear about the evils of lactic acid  early and often, aspiring marathoners are conditioned by their peers to fear “the wall.”

The 26.2-mile marathon, so the story goes, doesn’t really begin until 20 miles in, when your body runs out of stored glycogen and has to turn to stored fat for fuel. If you pace yourself poorly or if you don’t practice long, slow “fat-burning” runs in training, you’ll invariably hit the wall sometime around 20 miles, then shuffle painfully to the finish, demoralized and far off your goal.

While it’s true that poor preparation can lead to hitting the wall — or “bonking,” as many runners put it — it’s far from inevitable. Fitzgerald outlines several ways to stave off the feared late-race monster.

“The single most effective measure for escaping the wall is increasing your weekly running mileage,” he said. “So if you’re hitting the wall at 40 miles per week, aim for 45 or 50. Research has shown that weekly running volume is one of the best predictors of marathon performance — an even better predictor than the distance of the longest run.”

Read more:

So I guess that I would fall into this category: haven’t done a number of runs longer than 20 miles or 35 km, so I’m trusting my running volume… What volume? Well I’m trying to run as much as I can, but it’s not easy… I’m running the Perth Half Marathon tommorrow, have done the York Cyclosportif 108 km (under the rain and wind) a week ago, … so I haven’t been very consistent adding miles to my running log…

We’ll see how the half marathon goes.. See if I can get close to the elusive 1hr:30min goal for a half…

Enjoy life!


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