Chevron CityToSurf Marathon 2011, the day before.

I call it “M day -1” . You have lots of time today for chilling out, and even “LIKE” this post, subscribe to my blog and send the link to your friends, maybe enemies too… If you’re running errands today, just leave. If not, keep reading. Race day will be a beautiful day, with optimal conditions! Forecast says:

Forecast for Sunday
Mostly sunny. Light E’ly winds tending S/SW for a period in the afternoon.

Precis: Mostly sunny.
City: Min 6 Max 22

What does this mean? LOL, go back to my tips and go to WEATHER plan A: dress light! It will be a bit chilly while waiting for the start. But hey, this is not really cold weather. Don’t complain. When the sun comes up very quickly temperatures will be in the 15’s and by the end of the race, maybe over 20C.

You may even want to think about sunscreen. A must for hanging out at the finish area, while you chill and share endless marathon accounts with fellow runners. Yes, you have a license to exaggerate your stories with anyone who hasn’t run a marathon yet.

A light cool breeze is the perfect condition for running. If the wind ever picks up, it will be a blessing, especially if it is an easterly or from the south.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of fluids during the evening and night. Personally, I drink water and electrolyte (Shotz or similar) and I stop after going to bed, and don’t drink anything else until the M. Maybe a sip or 2, but I’m paranoid about having to stop to pee. The electrolyte will help retain fluids (with the good salts) before the race.

CHILL OUT. Recommend:

  • minimal exercise. No to little running. Whatever you do, by the end of the activity, you must feel like you haven’t done almost anything at all and crave for more.
  • spend time resting your legs, if possible horizontal or upward position
  • keep taking your dose of anti-inflammatory if you had mild pain of any sort
  • keep warm and cozy
  • if you go to the expo, try to not spend the entire day there. Sometimes just standing and walking for a very long time can make you feel a bit tired by the end of the day

Eating. You worked so hard for months. Why throw it away the last day?

  • Healthy foods only. Careful with “healthy” snacks. MODERATION.
  • Small people (like myself)… take it easy! Sorry, but you have to feel a bit hungry during the day.
  • Don’t give up on your diet during the “last dinner”. No alcohol.
  • Don’t eat crap during the expo.
  • You have tons of nutrition tips in the Underground Triathlon Channel, even an article from Sports Dietitians AU I just posted.
  • I like to eat pasta with chicken or salmon for dinner. Lite creamy sauce, little or no cheese (constipation factor!). No white bread, no wine.
  • I avoid beef or steak. Takes a long time to digest.
  • I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to eat a slice or 2 of white toast with honey.
  • Water + electrolyte + water.
  • Easy on fiber rich foods, and anything that would increase chances of #2 before and during  the M.
  • Don’t forget to charge your GPS.
  • Last chance to buy stuff at your fav runner shop or the race expo.
  • Put your race number in very visible place with pins to attach it to your clothes.
  • Put the timing chip on your shoe. This takes some time and trial and error. Don’t leave for the last minute. You want to do it right.
  • Time to work on your “runner corner” and put to a side everything you had prepared for snow-freezing rain-hurricane conditions. NOT NEEDED!
  • NEEDED. Toss away long sleeve shirt, old socks for hands, and big plastic rubbish bag with a cut out. Tip: cut it neatly with scissors, you just need a hole for the head. If do this with your hands right before going to the start line, you’ll break the bag. The bag is awesome protection against the cold.
  • Have a plan for transportation? Good to confirm now. Mind you after race plan.
  • Set your alarm clock with 2 alarms. Better if you use your mobile and the clock or a combination. Sh*t happens and sometimes I’ve had to jump out of bed and get in the car to not miss a race.
  • Put some dry clothes for after race. A clean race shirt with your company logo, if they paid for your registration. It will be a warm finish, chances are  you’ll be drenched in sweat when you finish.
  • Review your race plan.
  • Make sure you know your pace(s). CALCULATOR in TriathlonOz. Check the link I gave you above.
OK. Enough is enough. Too much time sitting and little working on my own business.
To y’all running any distance, be it CityToSurf or the “Perths Subterranian Metropolis to Beachfront Paradise Bipedal Locomotion“, best of luck. Actually luck is only a small % of having a great day. It’s the result of all your dedication and hard work. HAPPY RUNNING !

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