When tendinitis made me happy…

Went to the physio. And… 

I went to the physio with the idea that I had a labrum tear or something of the sort. This after talking to somebody who spoke about having exactly the same symptoms as I have. And this person had gone to the doctor and had an MRI. I was quite concerned.

So the good news after all the classic checks for a labrum tear is that it doesn’t look like I have it. AWESOME! I must be pretty stupid to walk out of there happy to know that I have a left hip flexor tendinits that hasn’t gone away M -10 days…

I paid my 65$ for the appointment, and although I don’t like to spend money to be told that I just need to stretch, take it easy, take some anti-inflammatory, and come back in a week…, I’m also happy I did go to the physio.

Above all, I needed some sort of psychological re-assurance that I was not going to die…, or not be able to run again. Although I’m not feeling recovered yet, I plan to follow the advice and see how this evolves. So far, I think I’ll have to forget about the FREO HALF MARATHON.

As trivial as it may sound, I started feeling much better after my appointment. Sickness and issues live mainly in our minds, and this was a good thing to brush it off my head and move on. Fortunatelly the Fuller Fitness gym recently bought 4 new good quality spin bikes with clips for cycling shoes, and I’ve beenable to spin almost every week day since the marathon. The rowing machine, and swimming have also helped, so I recommend all those to you who need to recover from a long hard race. That, and stretching after your activity.

I should have done more:

  • Stretching, 4 to 6 times a day
  • Drink more water
  • Swimming
  • Warm pads at night
  • Ruminate less… (check my friend Renee Primeau’s blog for more about that)
So that’s about it for now. Hopefully next time I check in I’ll be able to write about my latest “jog
Have a Good Day!


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