Weight loss challenge

Oh no, once again I’ve gone past the 71 kg mark! Something needs to be done so  I guess that I need to do something drastic to get back on track…

I’ve been trying – not very hard – to loose some weight… or at least maintain. But I’ve been taking to many licenses and my weight has slowly crept up to +71.

Remember I could not run for more than 2 months. I’m back to training and events like the NCTC aquathlons. Light running, but not fun if your hip hurts. It’s been two steps forward one step back. Every run requires a 2 or 3 day recovery and some anti-inflammatory + ice packs. But overall things are getting better. Not really sure if I’m healing , or just getting used to my new bad hip condition…

Back to the weight thing… I need to go back to 67 kg. I’m registered for the interclubs tri in Armadale: http://www.trimandurah.com/ . So now there’s a strong urge to loose weight. That’s the only way I can run faster.

Drastic changes:

  • no drinking beer or wine
  • more exercise of every kind every day
  • get up at 4:30 am and do something like running
  • ride to work minimum twice a week (1 hr * 2)
  • swim at least twice a week
  • dinner moderation
  • no more processed juice, cereal bars, cheap chocolate
  • more water

To find some motivation to do all this, I started tracking my weight. So every morning I’m checking and putting in a daily chart. I know I can pull this out, I just need to trick my appetite!

So wish me luck. In a few days I’ll post my weight vs time chart. The bets are on…!

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