Busselton 70.3 2012 – attempt at a race report…

Hey! Its been more than a week since Busselton 70.3 (May 5 2012). I’m no Crowie Alexander, so I bet you haven’t been too nervous abouti it? I’ll just post a few highlights, some pics and my own finish line video. And if you are interested , I can keep bragging in the comments section.

Highlights of the day:

  • Yes, you want to jump to the end… My time was 4 hr 42 min. 8th in the Male 50-54 among about 100 finishers.
  • The weather had been rainy during the previous days. Stop and go. During the night before, it poured for 15 minutes. Fortunately, during race day it didn’t rain at all. I guess it was good for competitors as well as spectators (lots! and very cheerful). So anybody complaining about a breeze from the sea, or getting warm during the run, should just start thinking about switching to xbox Tri, ping pong or pinball.
  • Having said that, the strong morning breeze from the sea made the sea choppy and very difficult to navigate. Some friends with the new Garmin watches plotted their swims and they show how disoriented we all were! Additionally, we had to swim about 1 km towards the rising sun, so spotting the buoys was impossible for mere mortals like myself. I just tried to follow the crowd, until the big orange buoy came as a vision of salvation.
  • No signs of sharks so we were all spared by mother nature. The little chopper flying over the swim course was a good sign of reassurance (really?)
  • My swim: 40 min. Horrible! Off course, and 8 minutes slower (maybe longer is a better appreciation) othan last year.
  • As the day warmed up, the roads that were all wet, started to dry. Those who complain about the wind haven’t probably experienced a Busso 70.3 with real winds. We all know that a slight headwind breeze feels like a hurricane when we are putting down the hammer… (how dramatic..)
  • My ride: 2 hr 26 min. Awesome! I took off 6 minutes from last year in an attempt to make up for lost time during the swim. One of the basic rules I broke  before the race: I brought my handlebars down by one spacer, 1 cm. I think that helped, a lot, with my aero position even though in the pics it seems I still have room to improve.
  • My run: 1 hr 40 min. The first 3-4 miles I ran with an awfull stich in my upper right abdomen. Even though my pace wasn’t bad, I felt like I was going to stop at anytime. Must have been all the stupid E3 drink I garbbed at the ride aid stations, instead of the water. Basic rule broken that played against? With the pain slowly receding, I was able to hold the pace. Planning for a faster pace in the last 3 mile leg, suddenly my right calf started to feel tight. And given that no gold was at stake, I just ran without sprinting towards the finish line.
  • By the way, yes I’m smiling in al the run pictures… Following “sh*t my dad says”… It’s something that my dad with his running experience tought me and always reminded me to do… smile for the photographer.

I’ll day some captions to the pictures …

Finish line video, watch for the guy in the Chevron tri top!


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