The 3H30M bus arrived on time

What a day for running! Beating the forecast (a few showers during the morning) weather was cool, almost no wind and no rain. The sun even came out to warm up the cheerful crowd.

As one of the winners said during the awards ceremony, this is a race organized by runners who know what they are doing. Marshals and volunteers were great. And to be honest, prices and raffle were above average value. Thanks to the sponsors

Once again, a wonderful experience. Kudos to the volunteers, marshals and the cheerful crowd, made the effort worth every km. The weather was awesome, it never rained and the course was fairly dry.

I had a failed attempt at organizing the 3H30M pace group. I was told the Marathon Club (WAMC) would have balloons or signs for me to carry, but there were none available. I was almost late to race start, so there wasn’t much I could do about it… My bad..!

We were just a few in the group when we started. Some joined along the course, and all dropped off, at different times. I admit to starting a bit fast. By mid point I was 2 minutes faster than goal, mainly because of the faster pace during the first 5 km. However, I held a more constant 5M/km pace (+/- 5 sec) and finished the race in 3H29M18S.

A trivia nugget: I helped a mate 500 m before the finish line. He was stopping and cheered him up to start running again, and together we crossed the finish line. Funny, ends up we are in the same age group and share EXACTLY the same final time! So that was the 3H30M bus accomplishment of the event.

Maybe next time, if I’m not ready to try a new PB… I’ll take another stab at pacing a group.

Congratulations to all finishers! Y’all did great!

If you want to see some more pictures, go to Dash Photography (link to my pictures)


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