About Gilly

I am a:

  • triathlete
  • runner
  • geologist
  • employee
  • project manager
  • Husband and father of 3

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lived in Houston for 7 years, and moved to Perth in July 2009.

What is in my blog?

  • Some views and comments about the sports I like
  • Training tips, tricks
  • Sporting events that I will attend or have attended
  • Some posts about motivation
  • Some random stuff
What’s not in my blog?
  • Details about my family (rather keep personal stuff private)
  • Things about work
  • Politics, race, religion, porn, sex, drugs
I like feedback (positive or negative), I don’t like spam or scam. I’ll try to keep my blog clean.
Have fun, enjoy!

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