The clock is ticking…

Time flies. The clock is ticking. If everything falls in place, it looks like June will be packing time.

Australia Day Tri first place in age group

Australia Day Tri first place in age group

So far the tri season has gone very well

Update on 2013/2014 achievements…:

  • Armadale National duathlon 2nd and WA state state champion
  • Bunbury OD 2nd with a nasty fall.
  • Mandurah 70.3 2nd place, bought me spots for Kona and Mt Tremblant worlds
  • Ironman WA 4th (9:44 finish time)
  • Vacation!
  • Australia Day Tri, 1st
  • Mandurah Olympic distance triathlon 2nd and WA state state champion
  • 2nd places in City of Joondalup, City of Armadale and City of Rockingham. Still have a shot at first in the Telstra series, but only if destiny helps. It can always go either way. But races are not over until they are over.
  • Busselton half marathon 1st in Super Vet 50+. Too bad the course was 500 m too long for a new PB..!

Kuddos to my 2 nemesis:

  • Francis Mahony from Queensland who won the Armadale Duathlon, Mandurah 70.3 and Mandurah OD. Not a member of TWA so states 1st roll down to me.
  • Steve Mitchell from Rockingham winning 3 sprint tri’s.

So, I have several 2nd places. Hopefully I’ll remediate that, and will race hard in late March in Karri Valley and early April in Hillarys 2. And after that … the Busselton 70.3 in early May, state long distance championship race. Expect lot of tough competition to show up, so more extra hard training needed for that one.

A few “distractions” … ATTA time trials in Chidlow (2) and Wandi, Busselton Jetty Swim (3.6 km), and training with the usual suspects. NCTC rides with David Martin, swimming with Arron Robertson, running with Jo Rees and Frank Boyes, and lovely support from Gilly’s Angels.

My oldest daughter has moved to Perth for a year or so. She’s doing very well, working at the Scarborough Wild Fig, enjoying the good life down under.



Gilly & Justi at Sorrento Beach

Gilly & Justi at Sorrento Beach

Trying to get a bit of local sponsorship… look for the UpBeat Nitrate shirts out there in the following races.

Train smart, race hard! Until the next update.




Cycling Perth – Sorrento to Kalamunda

A spectacular ride from the Sorrento Surf and Life Saving Club (SSLSC) to Kalamunda, in the Eastern Perth Hills.


Perfect weather, cool morning, slight easterly breeze (good for the way back)

The ride has a cat 3 hill: Gooseberry Hill Rd (the main incline), continuing to the town of Kalamunda.

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Check the ride profile.


So this ride starts at sea level and goes up to about 300 m over sea level. Returning from Kalamunda there’s a fast downhill where you can easily exceed 60 km/h without pedalling. Just watch for traffic in 1 or 2 roundabouts.

Road is for the most part fairly safe and broad, with generous shoulders. As usual, watch for broken glass and small branches up in the hills.

Interested in the route? Download from: MapMyRide or Garmin Connect

Cycling Perth – McGillivray to the City

Exploring new ways of riding to work.

Sometimes I have to leave my car at the UWA Sports Park at the McGillivray oval. From there, to the city.

The views are quite spectacular, mixed with quiet suburbs early in the morning. The route is 24.6 km including the Kings Park loop. Some pictures below the map.

Perth view from Kings Park

Swan River view from Kings Park


UCI walks away innocent of charge…?

While Lance and others are stripped off titles, honour and glory, the UCI walks away as if nothing?

Frustrated by the UCI’s handing of the sport in recent years and the way it conducted itself during the Lance Armstrong investigation, as well as the refusal of its president Pat McQuaid to accept any UCI responsibility for not stopping the widespread US Postal Service doping, Greg LeMond has written an impassioned open letter calling for real change.

Read more:

LeMonde wrote: “Pat, in my opinion you and Hein are the corrupt part of the sport. I do not want to include everyone at the UCI because I believe that there are many, maybe most that work at the UCI that are dedicated to cycling, they do it out of the love of the sport, but you and your buddy Hein have destroyed the sport.”

It is extremely sad and ironic that those who allowed the doping to happen in the backstage, are now the executioners of the USADA verdict. As Lance sucks it in, UCI pretends to be a victim of the entire doping scheme.

Lobby… Where? California…? No way! NOT!

An investigation into allegations that Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs was dropped earlier this year by Andre Birotte Jr., the US attorney for the central district of California. Birotte’s office offered little explanation for the move, which came as a surprise to many in the global cycling community. A spokesman for Birotte’s office, Bruce Riordan, said: "Our office declines to comment on the matter in question."

(The Guardian)