Finally, after more than 4 years in Western Australia, I’m doing Ironman WA


Bunbury Classic OD Triathlon

Bunbury Classic OD Triathlon

2nd in age group, after a crash. 2:11.


The swim… ahaha! I didn’t feel any better than other times, or Mandurah 70.3.

I think I tried to go to hard when I started, I was a bit out of breath and took until the second lap to regain calm and rhythm. I was able to draft a few other people. But couldn’t get out of the breathing in 2’s until very late when I could mix a breath in 4s.

The course was anticlockwise, which helped sighting because the buoys were to my breathing side. Water was flatter than the pool and clean, protected from the wind

My Garmin says I swam a bit straighter, 1.54 km. I was a minute behind Tim Howley and 30 sec behind Phil Monks. I consider that as very good.

Unfortunately I crashed during the 3rd lap of the bike losing my first place. Fortunately I wasn’t injured (just a bruise) and I was able to get back on the bike and recover to finish second.

I was lucky that during the run I could pace with somebody running 4:10’s that kept my mind off the bruised hip and had a decent 10 km in 40:52. Tim Howley was still 3 min faster, the time I lost on the ground…!

Looking forward to recoverig 100% for IMWA. I’ll try to do a smart swim, without burning out in the first 500 m. I’ll just try to stay with the crowd, draft, and not get slapped too much… if that is possible…

Mandurah 70.5 good news

Second place in age group with a time of 4:28:58

8 minute PB, 15 minutes faster than last year.

Qualified for the Hawaii Ironman in Kona, and the 70.3 world championship in Quebec, Canada!

The crystal ball…

Cycling in the South Bay

Lance is getting ready to confess. He’ll make the announcement in the next few days, or he’ll wait until the UCI strips him of his titles and announce it then.

I’m predicting the former.

Armstrong is the ultimate in realpolitik. He showed his hand when he walked away from the arbitration hearing, betting correctly that there was no way he would beat the testimony of his closest confidantes.

Like an expert chess player losing pieces as strategically as possible to slow in the inexorable march to checkmate, Lance first lost the cycling world, then the triathlon and running worlds, then the sponsored spokesman world, and finally the queen on his chessboard, the chairmanship of Livestrong.

When Nike announced that Lance had misled them for over a decade, and that it believed he cheated to win, the game unofficially ended. Trek, HoneyStinger, Anheuser-Busch, Radio Shack all bravely reversed course after defending…

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CityToSurf Marathon – ran out of gas…