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“What should I be doing?” tips, five days before the marathon (part 2)

(This is part 2. Read part 1 first). Less than a week left for marathon day (M-day). Hope tapering is going good! If you are a pro or elite runner this probably not the place to look for tips… Everybody else (95%), if you’re interested, keep reading. (show me MORE)

Chevron CityToSurf Marathon – Perth – Strategy, plan and tips for newbies

If you are an accomplished marathon runner you can continue surfing the internet somewhere else… this is not for you! But if it will be your first time running C2S Perth, maybe your first marathon, keep reading.

My background: more than 10 marathons (including 2 Boston), and 5 years of running and triathlon racing. Not a pro, but with that compelling felling to share with fellow runners and amateur athletes.

C2S is not the easiest course for a beginner. Hopefully by now you know that the first half is fairly flat, while the second has rolling hills. Check the course map in PDF. There is also a course profile at the bottom …Keep reading, there’s a lot more

The Perth Marathon 2011

This year will be the 33rd anniversary of the Perth Marathon that has been conducted annually by the West Australian Marathon Club since its inception in 1979.

Currently, the event starts and finishes at the WAMC Headquarters at the Burswood Water Sports Centre with a very picturesque course following the river on the shared paths through East Perth, South Perth, along the Freeway path to Canning Bridge, then following the riverside paths to Troy Park in Applecross and then returns.

7:30 start. The weather was pretty good. Forecast announced a couple of showers. A bit humid, cool and we only had one sprinkle that doesn’t count as rain. No wind during the first half. Off to a good start near the front of the pack but pacing well.

I followed my plan very well to run at a finishing time pace of 3:10 (7:15 min/mile). For the first 14 miles or so it worked very well. Crossed the mid point at 1:35 min.

Coming back was a different story. My pace started to drop significantly, and I reckon I must have hit the wall at mile 20/21 because I didn’t feel like continuing any more.

A slight westerly breeze started blowing 1 1/2 hr after the start. “Perfect” I shouted. We were going to have tailwind to run back to Burswood.

The last 6 miles (10 km) that I had imagined as very quick 4min/km, turned into psychological suffering and pace going worse than 8 min/mile or 5 min/km.

I guess that because I hadn’t run my long runs, my body was not ready for all the pounding of that fast pace I wanted to maintain.

On the positive side my finishing time was 3:17 which is about 9 minutes better than last year (I sprained an ankle last year and fell… another long story!) So I did set a PB for this course. With room to improve, when I commit to my SUB3 marathon training.

Official results will be posted in the WAMC page.