Join the 2012 Perth Marathon 3hr 30min group (5 min/km pace)

Hi to all.

I invite you to join the group to run and finish the 2012 Perth Marathon in just under 3 hours and 30 minutes. That’s a 5 min/km pace.

I’ll lead the group, but encourage any experienced marathon runners to join me and lead the group. THIS IS A TEAM EFFORT !

If you want to join, please post a short note and we will meet at the start line.

This is my first time leading a pace group. I’ve run 12 marathons. Most of them under 3:30. My PB is 3:12. This time my goal is to hold a steady 5min/km pace and finish slightly under 3:30.

Marathon running can be fun, especially if you are running in a group with the same goal. Join us!

Don’t forget

Sign up and read basic race information in the WAMC website.

The Plan

The Perth Marathon is a very flat but narrow course. During the very first part, it is a bit convoluted with a few tight turns. But for us mere mortal runners, that doesn’t make much of a difference. The plan is fairly simple (depending on the weather):

  • Run the first few km at a 5:10 pace to warm up. Allow the pack to decompress after the start without getting dragged into the wrong pace.
  • Slowly sink into the 5:00 +/- 10 sec . The goal here is to focus on getting into a good rithm and conserve energy. Enjoy the feeling of strength as you are not letting the horses free yet.
  • After the turn around point (I think it is a bit beyond mid marathon point), focus on keeping the pace under 5:00, hopefully at 4:50
  • The wall for me has always been the part of the run along the Kwinana Freeway. It breaks you down if you are alone and tired.
  • For the brave, negative splits after Narrows Bridge, building speed towards the finish line. Speed depending on how much juice you have left.

Stay tuned and come back often for more.


Course Map

Perth Marathon course map