WA Triathlon Season wrap up

The best tri season ever!

2013/2014 achievements (all results refer to Age Group M 50-54 unless specified otherwise):

    • Podium in all 9 races in the TWA calendar
    • 2nd place at Armadale National duathlon and WA state state champion
    • 2nd place Bunbury OD 2nd (after a nasty fall).
    • 2nd place in Mandurah 70.3 , Qualified for Kona and Mt Tremblant worlds
    • 4th place in Ironman WA (9:44 finish time)
    • 1st place in Australia Day Tri at Point Walter
    • 2nd place at Mandurah Olympic distance triathlon and WA state state champion
    • 2nd places in City of Joondalup 1, City of Armadale and City of Rockingham.
    • 3rd place in Karri Valley OD+, for some time in pouring rain
    • 1st place in City of Joondalup 2 (finally beating Steve Mitchell in in a Telstra Series tri)
    • 3rd place in Busselton 70.3 , and a 6 minute PB.  (4 hr 31 min). (finally beating Francis Mahony from Queensland)

    Triathlon Western Australia state championships:

    • Duathlon, 1st
    • Sprint, 2nd
    • Olympic, 1st
    • Long Distance, 2nd
    • 1st place in Busselton half marathon in the Super Vet 50+.
    • 2nd place in Lake Monger 10 km
    • 3rd place in the Perth Marathon (3:05:26)
    • 3rd place in 45+ Eagle and Child Perth Trail Series Half Marathon
    NCTC Aquathlon:
    • not sure about my place in handicap
    • qualified for Ironman World Championship Kona, Hawaii
    • qualified for 70.3 World Championship Mt Tremblant , Quebec, Canada
    • Telstra Series 2nd place
    • Obviously, can’t represent Australia because I’m not an Aussie citizen, but I would have made it to every team.

And Triathlon WA 1st place TOTY (triathlete of the year)

With Eve O'Hare (TOTY 1st place both in age groups)

With Eve O’Hare (TOTY 1st place both in age groups)


With all the family together

With all the family together

With Simon Beaumont the best triathlon commentator of the world!

With Simon Beaumont the best triathlon commentator of the world!


I’m publishing this post from Houston where I’ve moved with the family for work.

Just taking it as being too chicken to train in cold weather. It’s warm and humid now, ideal training camp for Kona Ironman !

So see all y’all in September, October and or December !


From Houston Texas


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2012-13 season wrap up

What a season ! Looking at all the positive results, all in the Male 50-54 age group (AG)..:

2012-13 awards

2012-13 awards

State awards and series
Sprint Distance State Champion 2nd (Hillarys)
Long Distance State Champion 2nd (Busselton)
Aquathlon State Champion 3rd (Sorrento)
Telstra Series 2012/13 – 2nd

Mandurah 70.3 – 4th – Vegas 70.3 World Championship qualifier
Hillarys 1 – 2nd in AG
Albany Half Ironman – 3rd (there were no age group awards though)
Rockingham sprint – 3rd in AG
Melbourne Ironman – 20th over a 180 field – first IM under 10 hs
Hillarys 2 – 1st in AG
Busselton 70.3 – 4th in AG
Vegas 70.3 World Championship – 31 over 115

Running 2013
Lake Joondalup Half Marathon – 2nd in age group- PB
Lake Monger 10 km – 1st in age group – PB
Perth Marathon – 1st in age group – PB – 3:09:30
Lake Joondalup 10 km – 2nd in age group – PB – 39:05
Perth Half Marathon – 2nd in age group – PB – 1:26:53
CityToSurf Marathon 2013 (paced a 3:28:45)

Triathlon Western Australia 2012/13
Triathlete of the Year Award (TOTY) – 3rd in M 50-54

And it looks thing are starting very well in the 2013/14 season…

National and State Duathlon
City of Armadale Duathlon, 2nd in age group and State Champion

do as I say, not what I do…

I did it again. Two weeks before a marathon, I ran a half marathon. And my left Achilles tendon didn’t feel right, but I didn’t quit. And now I’m hoping for recovery and to be able to go out a few times before the big M.

Why I didn’t quit…?

  • The no quitting philosophy
  • First race in new age group
  • Actually finished the 13.1 mi in a decent time , 1:30 . 3rd in my age group (M50-54)

So now chances are that I won’t run Chevron CityToSurf Marathon Perth if my left ankle isn’t in decent condition. Won’t know until race day…

ASICS Run for Gold 2012 – result

Finally, I’ve beaten the 10 km – 40 minute elusive barrier! 39:54 !!!

A few days before my 50th B-Day… I had to go back to http://athlinks.com to see my old times, and guess what…, they are all over 40 minutes!

Awesome morning for running: cool (about 15C), no wind. Flat course, narrow but not too busy for the “fast” runners.

All the races organised by the Western Australia Marathon Club (WAMC) are a pleasure! Easy to register, can wait until the last minute, a small field. And races organised by runners are the best.

Even better, most of them finish at the Burswood acquatic centre, that has showers. So after every WAMC race I’ve been able to shower and switch to clean dry clothes!

ASICS Run for Gold 2012

First 10 km race after a 2 week vacation in Europe.

I ran 2 out of 3 days during the holiday. Now back in the 67 kg window… makes me very happy.

Goal, under 40 minutes, in slightly convoluted course. Plan to travel light, no nutrition or fluids, and light shoes. We’ll see what happens.

For those who don’t know the Perth running scene:

Join the 2012 Perth Marathon 3hr 30min group (5 min/km pace)

Hi to all.

I invite you to join the group to run and finish the 2012 Perth Marathon in just under 3 hours and 30 minutes. That’s a 5 min/km pace.

I’ll lead the group, but encourage any experienced marathon runners to join me and lead the group. THIS IS A TEAM EFFORT !

If you want to join, please post a short note and we will meet at the start line.

This is my first time leading a pace group. I’ve run 12 marathons. Most of them under 3:30. My PB is 3:12. This time my goal is to hold a steady 5min/km pace and finish slightly under 3:30.

Marathon running can be fun, especially if you are running in a group with the same goal. Join us!

Don’t forget

Sign up and read basic race information in the WAMC website.

The Plan

The Perth Marathon is a very flat but narrow course. During the very first part, it is a bit convoluted with a few tight turns. But for us mere mortal runners, that doesn’t make much of a difference. The plan is fairly simple (depending on the weather):

  • Run the first few km at a 5:10 pace to warm up. Allow the pack to decompress after the start without getting dragged into the wrong pace.
  • Slowly sink into the 5:00 +/- 10 sec . The goal here is to focus on getting into a good rithm and conserve energy. Enjoy the feeling of strength as you are not letting the horses free yet.
  • After the turn around point (I think it is a bit beyond mid marathon point), focus on keeping the pace under 5:00, hopefully at 4:50
  • The wall for me has always been the part of the run along the Kwinana Freeway. It breaks you down if you are alone and tired.
  • For the brave, negative splits after Narrows Bridge, building speed towards the finish line. Speed depending on how much juice you have left.

Stay tuned and come back often for more.


Course Map

Perth Marathon course map

Joondalup Half Marathon 2012 part 2 – pics

20/05/2012 – Joondalup 5km, 10km and Half Marathon – Neil Hawkins Park.

This is an almost flat course, except for a short 30-50 m long climb to the finish line. Except for that, just the typical up and downs around a small lake in Perth.

Weather was perfect for a PB: cool, sunny blue sky, very little breeze. Autumn weather in Perth can be gorgeous.

An awesome crowd, lots of WAMC (Western Australia Marathon Club) runners, plus NCTC (North Coast Tri Club) members and occasional runners. Another good thing is that this is a small race, and you can sign up before the event. A very friendly atmosphere. Keep track of your own time and position. Unless you are among the top 10, you wont see the results until after a few days…

About 330 1/2 marathon runners on a nice and smooth trail walk / bike path.

Thanks to my friend Dennis Tan for >100 pics shared in Google+ and FB. He is the “Underground Paparazzi”

Note 1: wearing my new Bicycle World of Houston” tri top bought in Houston recently. Colours are hard to miss!

Note 2: I need to master sorting the pic gallery correctly in WordPress… takes some time and effort…