Chevron CityToSurf Marathon 2011, the day before.

I call it “M day -1” . You have lots of time today for chilling out, and even “LIKE” this post, subscribe to my blog and send the link to your friends, maybe enemies too… If you’re running errands today, just leave. If not, keep reading.  Show me MORE

Chevron CityToSurf Marathon – Perth – Strategy, plan and tips for newbies

If you are an accomplished marathon runner you can continue surfing the internet somewhere else… this is not for you! But if it will be your first time running C2S Perth, maybe your first marathon, keep reading.

My background: more than 10 marathons (including 2 Boston), and 5 years of running and triathlon racing. Not a pro, but with that compelling felling to share with fellow runners and amateur athletes.

C2S is not the easiest course for a beginner. Hopefully by now you know that the first half is fairly flat, while the second has rolling hills. Check the course map in PDF. There is also a course profile at the bottom …Keep reading, there’s a lot more