WA Triathlon Season wrap up

The best tri season ever!

2013/2014 achievements (all results refer to Age Group M 50-54 unless specified otherwise):

    • Podium in all 9 races in the TWA calendar
    • 2nd place at Armadale National duathlon and WA state state champion
    • 2nd place Bunbury OD 2nd (after a nasty fall).
    • 2nd place in Mandurah 70.3 , Qualified for Kona and Mt Tremblant worlds
    • 4th place in Ironman WA (9:44 finish time)
    • 1st place in Australia Day Tri at Point Walter
    • 2nd place at Mandurah Olympic distance triathlon and WA state state champion
    • 2nd places in City of Joondalup 1, City of Armadale and City of Rockingham.
    • 3rd place in Karri Valley OD+, for some time in pouring rain
    • 1st place in City of Joondalup 2 (finally beating Steve Mitchell in in a Telstra Series tri)
    • 3rd place in Busselton 70.3 , and a 6 minute PB.  (4 hr 31 min). (finally beating Francis Mahony from Queensland)

    Triathlon Western Australia state championships:

    • Duathlon, 1st
    • Sprint, 2nd
    • Olympic, 1st
    • Long Distance, 2nd
    • 1st place in Busselton half marathon in the Super Vet 50+.
    • 2nd place in Lake Monger 10 km
    • 3rd place in the Perth Marathon (3:05:26)
    • 3rd place in 45+ Eagle and Child Perth Trail Series Half Marathon
    NCTC Aquathlon:
    • not sure about my place in handicap
    • qualified for Ironman World Championship Kona, Hawaii
    • qualified for 70.3 World Championship Mt Tremblant , Quebec, Canada
    • Telstra Series 2nd place
    • Obviously, can’t represent Australia because I’m not an Aussie citizen, but I would have made it to every team.

And Triathlon WA 1st place TOTY (triathlete of the year)

With Eve O'Hare (TOTY 1st place both in age groups)

With Eve O’Hare (TOTY 1st place both in age groups)


With all the family together

With all the family together

With Simon Beaumont the best triathlon commentator of the world!

With Simon Beaumont the best triathlon commentator of the world!


I’m publishing this post from Houston where I’ve moved with the family for work.

Just taking it as being too chicken to train in cold weather. It’s warm and humid now, ideal training camp for Kona Ironman !

So see all y’all in September, October and or December !


From Houston Texas


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2012-13 season wrap up

What a season ! Looking at all the positive results, all in the Male 50-54 age group (AG)..:

2012-13 awards

2012-13 awards

State awards and series
Sprint Distance State Champion 2nd (Hillarys)
Long Distance State Champion 2nd (Busselton)
Aquathlon State Champion 3rd (Sorrento)
Telstra Series 2012/13 – 2nd

Mandurah 70.3 – 4th – Vegas 70.3 World Championship qualifier
Hillarys 1 – 2nd in AG
Albany Half Ironman – 3rd (there were no age group awards though)
Rockingham sprint – 3rd in AG
Melbourne Ironman – 20th over a 180 field – first IM under 10 hs
Hillarys 2 – 1st in AG
Busselton 70.3 – 4th in AG
Vegas 70.3 World Championship – 31 over 115

Running 2013
Lake Joondalup Half Marathon – 2nd in age group- PB
Lake Monger 10 km – 1st in age group – PB
Perth Marathon – 1st in age group – PB – 3:09:30
Lake Joondalup 10 km – 2nd in age group – PB – 39:05
Perth Half Marathon – 2nd in age group – PB – 1:26:53
CityToSurf Marathon 2013 (paced a 3:28:45)

Triathlon Western Australia 2012/13
Triathlete of the Year Award (TOTY) – 3rd in M 50-54

And it looks thing are starting very well in the 2013/14 season…

National and State Duathlon
City of Armadale Duathlon, 2nd in age group and State Champion

Finish 2012 on the podium

And finally after almost 4 years in Australia, a podium finish!

City of Joondalup Triathlon (Hillarys 1), which happens to be the Sprint distance State Championship.

(For those of you overseas, Hillarys is a suburb near and North of Perth, Western Australia)