ASICS Run for Gold 2012 – result

Finally, I’ve beaten the 10 km – 40 minute elusive barrier! 39:54 !!!

A few days before my 50th B-Day… I had to go back to┬áto see my old times, and guess what…, they are all over 40 minutes!

Awesome morning for running: cool (about 15C), no wind. Flat course, narrow but not too busy for the “fast” runners.

All the races organised by the Western Australia Marathon Club (WAMC) are a pleasure! Easy to register, can wait until the last minute, a small field. And races organised by runners are the best.

Even better, most of them finish at the Burswood acquatic centre, that has showers. So after every WAMC race I’ve been able to shower and switch to clean dry clothes!