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UCI walks away innocent of charge…?

While Lance and others are stripped off titles, honour and glory, the UCI walks away as if nothing?

Frustrated by the UCI’s handing of the sport in recent years and the way it conducted itself during the Lance Armstrong investigation, as well as the refusal of its president Pat McQuaid to accept any UCI responsibility for not stopping the widespread US Postal Service doping, Greg LeMond has written an impassioned open letter calling for real change.

Read more: http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/13145/LeMond-issues-open-letter-calling-on-McQuaid-and-Verbruggen-to-resign-for-the-sake-of-cycling.aspx#ixzz2AQAVIJwU

LeMonde wrote: “Pat, in my opinion you and Hein are the corrupt part of the sport. I do not want to include everyone at the UCI because I believe that there are many, maybe most that work at the UCI that are dedicated to cycling, they do it out of the love of the sport, but you and your buddy Hein have destroyed the sport.”

It is extremely sad and ironic that those who allowed the doping to happen in the backstage, are now the executioners of the USADA verdict. As Lance sucks it in, UCI pretends to be a victim of the entire doping scheme.

Triathlon, cycling and the Tour de France

I have to confess I started road cycling because I wanted to get into triathlons in 2006. That was the first time I bought a bike with the intent of doing road cycling. I had to learn everything from scratch.

I was in Houston at the time. Bought a Marin Venezia in e-Bay that was much larger than needed, and had my first embarrassing moment after my first flat, I took it to Bicycle World & Fitness (now Bicycle World of Houston) and they almost laughed at me (very kindly though). I used the Marin for 1 year and although I looked like a dwarf I was pretty strong on it… Click here to continue reading