Joondalup Half Marathon 2012 part 2 – pics

20/05/2012 – Joondalup 5km, 10km and Half Marathon – Neil Hawkins Park.

This is an almost flat course, except for a short 30-50 m long climb to the finish line. Except for that, just the typical up and downs around a small lake in Perth.

Weather was perfect for a PB: cool, sunny blue sky, very little breeze. Autumn weather in Perth can be gorgeous.

An awesome crowd, lots of WAMC (Western Australia Marathon Club) runners, plus NCTC (North Coast Tri Club) members and occasional runners. Another good thing is that this is a small race, and you can sign up before the event. A very friendly atmosphere. Keep track of your own time and position. Unless you are among the top 10, you wont see the results until after a few days…

About 330 1/2 marathon runners on a nice and smooth trail walk / bike path.

Thanks to my friend Dennis Tan for >100 pics shared in Google+ and FB. He is the “Underground Paparazzi”

Note 1: wearing my new Bicycle World of Houston” tri top bought in Houston recently. Colours are hard to miss!

Note 2: I need to master sorting the pic gallery correctly in WordPress… takes some time and effort…

Chevron CityToSurf Marathon – Perth – Strategy, plan and tips for newbies

If you are an accomplished marathon runner you can continue surfing the internet somewhere else… this is not for you! But if it will be your first time running C2S Perth, maybe your first marathon, keep reading.

My background: more than 10 marathons (including 2 Boston), and 5 years of running and triathlon racing. Not a pro, but with that compelling felling to share with fellow runners and amateur athletes.

C2S is not the easiest course for a beginner. Hopefully by now you know that the first half is fairly flat, while the second has rolling hills. Check the course map in PDF. There is also a course profile at the bottom …Keep reading, there’s a lot more

Feeling sick – sudden cold…

Maybe it was not such a good idea to go out for my last 25km run…

Started not feeling 100%, achiles a bit tight. Came back very dehydrated, and everything started to fall apart. Not broken a fever (yet). Hope I get lucky and I fast track this process. It’s only 13 days to the Perth Marathon (June 19).