do as I say, not what I do…

I did it again. Two weeks before a marathon, I ran a half marathon. And my left Achilles tendon didn’t feel right, but I didn’t quit. And now I’m hoping for recovery and to be able to go out a few times before the big M.

Why I didn’t quit…?

  • The no quitting philosophy
  • First race in new age group
  • Actually finished the 13.1 mi in a decent time , 1:30 . 3rd in my age group (M50-54)

So now chances are that I won’t run Chevron CityToSurf Marathon Perth if my left ankle isn’t in decent condition. Won’t know until race day…

Weight Loss Challenge Result

If you just look at the numbers, you’d think I lost. But no, I think I made it!


I think I effectively shaved 4 kg off my starting average weight. What does that mean. I went down and up several times. Most of it fluid and fluid retention. But I burnt off plenty of fat. How did I get there?

  • Increased ride to work and back to 4 times a week
  • Controlled drinking
  • Suspended juice at night
  • Lighter dinners with less carbs helped.
  • Maintained my Tuesday night swim drills with Kay Smith
  • Consistently swam and run on Sunday morning

To be continued…!